Today, people are increasingly expected to look young, which can ensure self-confidence, work, and high performance. The development of wrinkles is due to the reduced elasticity of the skin, gravitation, and continuously functioning mimic muscles. On the basis thereof, gravitational and mimic wrinkles can be distinguished. The best examples for mimic (or dynamic) wrinkles include the ”angry” wrinkles between the eyebrows, the transversal ”thinking” tucks on the forehead, and the crow’s feet on the two sides of the eyes. One of the most effective treatment options for these mimic wrinkles are BOTOX injections. As a result, mimic muscles do not contract in the area treated, so no disturbing wrinkles can occur.

The procedure is quick and simple. 4-15 pricking points can be tackled by a thin needle within the area treated; most of them are not painful. As a result, wrinkles disappear from the area treated for a period of 5-6 months and the face seems to be more relaxed, more levelled and softer.

The effect of a BOTOX injection is manifested 4-5 days after administration and lasts for 5-6 months. Afterwards the treatment can be repeated safely with the same rate of efficiency.

A properly performed Botox treatment started in due time can postpone more complex and time-consuming surgical procedures for a long time.

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