Breast plastic surgery

Female breasts are organs serving to feed the baby during the maternity period, on the one hand; at the same time, they are also symbols of femininity. Their size and flexibility may alter as years go by. This is why the self-esteem of women takes a negative turn as the breasts lose their former shape. Breast plastic surgery can help in making changes.

Breast implants

Breast plastic surgery has developed into a routine operation by today. Implants are of outstanding quality, so chances for potential complications have been reduced to a minimum. The material of breast implants has been tried and tested in past decades, now being a perfect gel type (cohesive gel) with a feel and flexibility to ensure excellent results. Implant surfaces are textured to reduce the hazard of encapsulation. Implants are inserted through a 3-4 cm incision during breast plastic surgery, made at a place where it is not disturbing aesthetically. Implants do not hinder breast-feeding later on, do not cause cancer or any other health impairment.

Types of breast plastic surgery

The basic types of breast plastic surgery are as follows: breast lift, breast enlargement, and breast reduction. In the event that the substance of the breasts deteriorates and the skin gets sagging after losing weight or following breastfeeding, favourable results can only be brought about by combined surgery to increase the size of the breasts by implantation and to correct the sagging skin by breast lift, to be performed by way of one or two step surgery.

Breast lift

Breast enlargement

Breast reduction

Silicone prostheses

EQUAM Declaration

Breast lift (breast plastic surgery by correction of sagging busts)

Most frequent reasons for breast lift include childbirth, breastfeeding, or considerable weight loss since the breasts sag and their shape and feel change. Breast plastic surgery interventions can give back the youthful shape of the breasts. After the correction of sagging busts, surgical incisions will have small, discrete, inconspicuous traces, but these are hardly noticeable. There are several tried and tested ways of breast lift. Obviously, the most suitable method is selected personally at the visit before breast plastic surgery by the attending surgical specialist.

Breast enlargement (breast plastic surgery by implant implantation)

Breast enlargement with implants is one of the most frequent plastic surgery interventions. This procedure is recommended for augmenting small-sized or diminished breasts after breastfeeding. Even if the two breasts are dissimilar or of different sizes, asymmetry can often be corrected by custom implants. It is an important task of the consultation before breast plastic surgery to precisely select the type, form and size of the implants. Patients can choose from a wide variety of prostheses in terms of filling, material and form. As opposed to scare-mongering rumours, it is proven that the implantation of implants filled with silicone gel has no immunological or carcinogenic effect. In the course of breast plastic surgery, prostheses are implanted below the glandular substance or under thoracic muscles. The intervention does no harm: breastfeeding is also possible afterwards.

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty)

Large busts can frequently cause serious problems: in addition to aesthetic complaints, they can cause spine problems and back pain. Besides, they can cause irritation and mycosis of contacting skin areas below the breasts, and even the incision of bra straps. These problems are eliminated in the course of reduction mammoplasty requested by the patient, as the size of the breasts is reduced considerably (up to 50-60 %). After breast plastic surgery, the newly established form of the breasts will be lasting, but a discrete and inconspicuous trace of surgical incision will remain there.

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