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One of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures is breast augmentation with implants. It is a procedure recommended to increase the size of underdeveloped, small or reduced breasts following breastfeeding. If the two breasts are different in size, asymmetry can often be corrected with implants, but do not enlarge the breast for its own sake because the larger one is more beautiful, but if someone comes to the doctor because they are not happy with their own size, it should be planned with this in mind.

Benefits of breast augmentation: beautifully shaped, attractive breasts, barely noticeable, short surgical scars. The results of breast augmentation are immediately visible and the surgery gives you confidence and a zest for life.
Anaesthesia: anaesthesia
Surgery time: about 1-1.5 hours
Length of hospital stay: 1 night in hospital
Suture removal: 2-3 weeks later
Special bra: 3-6 weeks
Cessation of sports and physical exertion: 6 weeks

Breast augmentation, breast lift with implantation

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures. The professional and accurate selection of the type, shape and size of the implant is an essential part of the preoperative consultation.
In terms of shape, the implant can be round or teardrop-shaped, i.e. anatomically shaped. It has been proven that the implantation of a prosthesis has no immunological or carcinogenic effects (see EQUAM Declaration)

Breast augmentation procedure

Breast implants can be implanted under the glandular tissue of the breast or under the pectoral musculature. The most commonly used method is the so-called partial submuscular technique. This involves placing the upper ½-2/3 of the implant under the muscle and the lower ½-1/3 under the gland. In my opinion, this is the most natural and durable method to achieve the best results. The surgery does not damage the glandular tissue and hardly affects it. Breastfeeding is even possible after the breast prosthesis has been inserted. The surgical penetration is about 3-5 cm, which can be an incision made in the crease under the breast, around the areola or in the axillary crease.

Who is breast augmentation recommended for?

In general, plastic surgery is recommended to enlarge small or underdeveloped breasts. Breast augmentation surgery can also help if the two breasts are of different sizes, as asymmetry can be corrected with implants. Slight sagging of the breasts can also be corrected with breast augmentation surgery. For more severe sagging, a breast lift or a combination of the two is required.

The breast augmentation surgery procedure:

On the day of the surgery, the patient must arrive at the clinic as arranged with the assistant, where he/she will occupy his/her room, fill in and sign the necessary paperwork, After talking to the anaesthetist and taking a photo of the surgical area, the patient will take a shower, change his/her clothes and after a short consultation, a thorough planning will follow, when I will plan and draw the surgical area. The patient is then given a sedative, an IV is administered and the patient is then escorted to the operating theatre.
During breast augmentation, anaesthesia is used. The operation takes about 1-1.5 hours, and drain tubes are inserted at the end of the operation, which are removed in most cases on the following day. The patient wakes up in his room with the compression bra on, receives antibiotics and painkillers as needed. The duration of the clinical stay is 1 night of in-patient care, during which time she is with qualified nurses, in rooms with 1 or 2 beds

After breast augmentation

After breast augmentation, regular check-ups are necessary, the first one being within a week.
The next is within two weeks when the sutures are loosened, the 3rd check is 3 weeks after the operation when the sutures are removed. After the surgery, a special bra is recommended to be worn for the first three weeks a compression bra is put on the patient at the end of the surgery, this can be changed to a sports bra for the following three weeks. A break from sport and physical exertion is recommended for 6 weeks.
Return to work is always determined by the type of work, which is discussed during the consultation. A follow-up examination is required at 3. 6. 12. months after surgery. After that, it is recommended to visit the clinic once a year and to have a breast examination once or twice a year, which can be a breast UH or a mammography.

Important to note: The shape of the breast is permanent, but as a result of weight gain, weight loss or breastfeeding, another operation may be necessary to change the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, if you are planning to have a child within 1-2 years, it is recommended that the operation is performed after the planned birth of the child. It is not recommended to get pregnant after the operation, but you can get pregnant at any time afterwards and breast implants do not prevent breastfeeding.

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