Breast reduction surgery

Reduction mammoplasty

Large busts can frequently cause serious problems. In addition to aesthetic complaints, they often cause spine problems, back pain, irritation and mycosis of contacting skin areas below the breast, incision of bra straps, etc. For these reasons, it is understandable for patients to request their breasts to get reduced even by surgery, because breast size can be reduced considerably by plastic surgery.

The newly established form of the breasts is lasting, but the trace of surgical incision will always remain there discretely and inconspicuously.

Benefits: lighter breasts of a nicer form. Remission of complaints above, opportunities to play sports without pain. Human relations without feeling that others only focus on your large busts. Better state of health, increased self-confidence.
Method of anaesthetization: General or epidural anaesthesia
Time of surgery: 2-3 hours
Duration of clinical treatment: hospitalization for 1-2 nights
Removal of sutures: after 2-3 weeks
after 2-3 weeks: 4-6 weeks
No sports and physical exertion: 6 weeks

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