Silicone prostheses

According to our present knowledge, silicone does not react with body cells. After a while, the patient comes to own the implanted material, being able to practice sports, move and travel without any restrictions. It imitates the feel of the busts, so it will have a natural effect in case of adequate healing. Childbirth and breast feeding are possible later on. State-of-the-art breast prostheses have multi-layer silicone shells with gel-type silicone encapsulated (cohesive gel). The surface of the shell can be smooth or roughened (textured). There is a wide range available in terms of forms and sizes. Thus, there are "roll-shaped" ones with low or higher profiles, drop-shaped or anatomically formed implants. High-quality reliable prostheses have a CE marking as prescribed by European standards.

Silicone prostheses can be worn for a very long time but they can also be removed at any time. (see EQUAM Declaration)

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