Dr. Péter Pap

About myself

Appearancecan have a fundamental impact on mood and self-confidence. Plastic surgeon Dr. Péter Pap believes that aesthetic surgery is meant to relieve patients from these problems; that is, to correct the disadvantageous forms or functions of certain parts of the body by surgical procedures. These smaller or greater differences can be both congenital and can develop by aging, or can appear after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Deformations by accidents, diseases or development disorders can often be improved substantially by plastic surgery interventions.

These surgeries can be performed on out-patients or by a single night of hospitalization, with little load and discomfort to patients.

Plastic surgeon Dr Péter Pap


  • 1986-88: SZOTE
  • 1989-92: SOTE
  • Diploma: SOTE, 1992 cum laude

Employment so far:

  • 1992-94: Kecskeméti Military Hospital, Traumatology Department, plastic surgeon
  • 1994-99: SOTE Surgery Clinic III, plastic surgeon
  • 1999-18: Virányos Clinic, plastic surgeon
  • 2018: MOM Szent Magdolna Hospital

Specialist examination:

  • 1996: General surgery
  • 1999: Plastic surgery

Current activity:
Plastic surgery as an entrepreneur physician; plastic surgeon

Language skills:
English (intermediate level professional language certificate), German, French


  • 1999: Frankfurt - mastering Várady type varicotomy
  • 2000: Laser course

A plastic surgeon’s credo:

As appearance can have a fundamental impact on mood and self-confidence, it is the plastic surgeon’s duty to relieve patients from aesthetic problems. A plastic surgeon can correct the disadvantageous forms of certain regions of the body in line with patients’ requests. Smaller or greater differences in the body can be both congenital and can develop by aging. These aesthetic problems can be fixed by a plastic surgeon through minor interventions (e.g. wrinkle fill, Botox, etc.) or surgeries.

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