Correction of projecting ears

Projecting ears, too large and asymmetric auricles can be an aesthetic problem with complaints even at a young age. It is recommended to perform this operation at the age of 5-7 years as mental injuries of the child by derision can be prevented this way. However, this surgery can be performed with good results at any age.

Ear plastic surgery is an out-patient intervention with local anaesthesia. In the course of correction, conchal cartilages are modelled. Results are final. The operation does not affect hearing. There is a hardly visible thin suture line behind the ears.

No traces are left on the outer surface of the auricle.

Method of anaesthetization: local anaesthesia
Time of surgery: half to one hour
Duration of clinical treatment: outpatient
Bandage: 1 week
Headband to be worn: further 2 weeks
Removal of sutures: after 1 week
Absence from work: 1 week

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