Facial and neck plastic surgery

Facial and neck plastic surgery is performed to correct the wrinkled, sagging, flabby skin and soft tissues of the temple, the face and the neck. It can extend to the entire area of the face and the neck (full facial plastic surgery), but it can also be performed separately on the upper part of the face, on the temple, the neck, or - as an independent surgery – in the area of the forehead for wrinkle reduction. Surgical procedures can be performed in local or general anaesthesia, selected according to the patient’s wish, level of tolerance and the dimensions of the intervention. Surgical incisions are led concealed in the hairy scalp along the temple and the nape. Only the incision in front of the ears is visible, but it is usually healed as a white line of scar thin as a thread and so it is not disturbing.

Benefits of facial and neck plastic surgery: Neck and face to look younger, with less wrinkles. Higher self-esteem.
Method of anaesthetization: local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia
Time of surgery: 2-3 hours
Duration of clinical treatment: outpatient or 1 night of hospitalization
Bandage and / or compression headband to be worn: 10-14 days
Removal of sutures: 7-10 days
Absence from work: Approx. 10-14 days

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