How are patients informed and examined?

  • Always in the form of one-to-one personal consultation
  • Inquiry about the patient’s clinical history
  • Patient’s expectations clarified
  • Personal examination is supplemented by other instrumental tests as required
  • After goals are identified, possible solutions are presented in detail by providing visual and verbal information
  • The surgery plan is developed jointly, taking the patient’s expectations into consideration
  • Potential complications of the procedure are also described
  • Consultation is repeated if necessary
  • Finally, it is important to mention that the prices of plastic surgeries can be different in private practices. It is possible but not advisable to decide only on the basis of the price. It is worthwhile to assess the existing conditions at MOM Szent Magdolna Hospital, the personal attitudes of doctors and assistants, which can only be ascertained by a personal visit.

On wound healing

Surgical incisions on the skin are always made by absolutely adhering to plastic surgery principles to spare tissues; that is, they are to be hidden, sharp, as short as possible, led in skin folds, according to lines of force. A pre-condition for proper wound healing is to have as little tension as possible on the skin to ensure safe blood supply. To this end, in addition to adequate surgical solutions, high-quality threads, special suture technologies and supplementary sticking are used. It is an important factor to ensure wound rest and to use supplementary plasters and lotions after surgery. And perhaps the most important thing on part of the patient is a positive tendency for wound healing. When all conditions are met, a nice scar can be expected, which is white and filigree, not projecting from the skin, soft and not disturbing at all.

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