With 22 years of professional experience and thousands of hours spent in operating rooms, I have refined the surgical planning process to a high degree, contributing to the success of interventions and the satisfaction of my patients.

Dr. Pap Péter Plastic surgeon

Dr. Pap Péter plastic surgeon
  • "My loyalty is unshakeable, because I am satisfied! Dr. Peter Pap is the one for me! "

  • "This decision was for life. I wanted the best, and I will settle for nothing less!"

  • "It was the best decision of my life to go under the knife. I feel good in my skin, satisfied and balanced."

  • "As a fitness model contestant I always strive for perfection! The beautiful work of Dr. Péter Pap has helped me get closer.."

  • "A woman is truly beautiful if she is radiating confidence and joy. This is only possible if her body and soul are in harmony."

  • "I found the doctor who makes the most beautiful boobs in the world! It was one of the best decisions of my life to choose him!"

About plastic surgery in general

The breast is a symbol of motherhood and femininity, which has a dual function, femininity as an attraction and also as an aspect of motherhood. A beautifully shaped breast influences and significantly determines physical and psychological well-being. The shape of the breasts can be unsatisfactory for a number of reasons: congenital problems, not developed or asymmetrical, or aesthetically unsatisfactory.
Almost all women are concerned about what their breasts look like and what they want them to look like.
This is an issue that needs to be taken very seriously, especially because in certain situations the importance of this issue is trivialised, which is a problem because breasts have not only an aesthetic but also a physical function.

Whatever the starting point, it is important for everyone to have a precise surgical plan, which is always individualised and the basis for a successful operation.
As a plastic surgeon, although I shape the breasts, I always keep in mind that the patient has a body and is here to improve the look of their body and achieve their dream. In all cases, it is necessary to be humble and person-centred in your surgery, taking into account the patient's needs, so that the doctor does not create his own vision, but, taking into account the patient's needs, of course, depending on the anatomical starting point and the possibilities, creates what the patient has imagined for himself.


Choosing a plastic surgeon in today's world is not an easy thing to do, and it is a problem faced by every patient who is considering plastic or aesthetic surgery. The importance of this decision is paramount, because it is a life-changing decision about your body and your beauty!

Meet your plastic surgeon!

Whatever field you choose, knowledge is a priority. This is especially true when it comes to plastic surgery. It is recommended that you ask your plastic surgeon as many questions as possible at your very first consultation, so feel free to write down your questions and come to the consultation prepared.  Ask about the surgeon's experience, how many operations he has done similar to the one you are about to have. Personal contact and trust are key in this profession.

Make sure of the surgeon's knowledge and experience!

Of course, it is important that the surgeon constantly attends Hungarian and foreign congresses and keeps up to date with new techniques. But the real experience of thousands of hours spent in the operating theatre is of paramount importance, during which the surgeon may have encountered many different anatomical starting conditions and different needs from patient to patient.

Read up before you decide!

There is nothing better than a personal recommendation. Feel free to ask your friends and acquaintances! Personal experience will give you an idea of the plastic surgeon's work and personality. You will also get a lot of information about the procedure, from how it was performed to your experience during the recovery. Moreover, the respondent will not be biased, or if they are, it will be because they were perfectly satisfied with their plastic surgeon. Similarly, the doctor and his or her reputation are equally important.Use the internet, but use it with caution....
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Be attentive at the consultation!

The consultation also plays a big role in choosing a plastic surgeon. Don't be afraid to ask for pictures of the results of previous procedures! Plastic surgery is nowadays very safe, but it doesn't hurt to ask about possible complications.
A prudent doctor will ask about what has happened to you in the past, what your needs are and why it is important that the surgeon wants to make your dream come true, not his or her own vision, and you will obviously have to accept that something is not possible or not entirely feasible.

The consultation is the best opportunity to find out if you are a good match with the doctor and the clinic. The surgeon may be a real authority on breast surgery, but this does not guarantee that he or she will do as good a job on a facelift or a tummy tuck as he or she would on a breast augmentation. Take a close look at the before and after photos! Don't rush, you have an important decision to make, take your time!