Breast lift surgery

Correction of sagging busts

This surgery is most frequently performed after childbirth, breastfeeding, or considerable weight loss as the breasts sag and their shape and feel change (limpness). Plastic surgery can give back the youthful shape of the breasts. After the correction of sagging busts, surgical incisions will always have discrete, inconspicuous traces. There are several tried and tested breast lift methods. The most suitable method is selected at the visit before surgery.

Important to know: The newly established form of the breasts is lasting, but another period of breastfeeding or considerable weight loss can make them sag again, potentially requiring another surgery. So the surgery is recommended to be performed after the planned childbirth.

Benefits: Youthful, compact breasts of a natural shape even without bras. Attractive and beautiful decolletage in a low-necked dress or a bathing suit. More self-confidence.
Method of anaesthetization: general or epidural anaesthesia
Time of surgery: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
Duration of clinical stay: one night of hospitalization
Removal of sutures: after 2-3 weeks
Special bras required to be worn: 3-6 weeks
No sports and physical exertion: 6 weeks

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