Eyelid cosmetic surgery

Eyelid plastic surgery is a much smaller surgical intervention that facial plastic surgery, but many times it can have a substantial rejuvenating effect even by itself.

Upper eyelid plastic surgery: It is recommended to be performed when the skin of the upper eyelid is elongated, wrinkled, or perhaps disturbs vision by overreaching the line of lashes. Superfluous skin and fat tissue can be removed through an incision led in the overhanging furrow of the upper eyelid. The resulting white scar line thin as a hair is hardly visible after 2-3 weeks.

Lower eyelid plastic surgery: Lower eyelids are primarily operated on by reason of a wrinkled skin and bags below the eyes. Then the surgical incision is led immediately under the bottom line of eyelashes, to be healed with a hardly visible scar as described above.

Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery can be performed simultaneously as well, and can be supplemented by laser wrinkle removal.

Benefits: Youthful, curious gaze. Sight improvement in some cases. Elimination of bags from under the eyes. A relatively small surgical intervention compared to favourable results.
Method of anesthesia: local anaesthesia (perhaps general anaesthesia)
Time of surgery: 1-1.5 hours
Duration of clinical treatment: out-patient (1 night of hospitalization in case of general anaesthesia)
Removal of sutures: after 5 - 7 days
Absence from work: 1 week

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